You are currently viewing Time Bandits © ~ Katrina Curtiss 1.1.2024

Time Bandits © ~ Katrina Curtiss 1.1.2024

She left it on the kitchen table
Then went to grab a bite
When she came back it was gone
She knew that something wasn’t right.
She went back to grab her drink
She didn’t know what to think
It was not where she left it at
She blamed the dog and the cat.
In a parallel universe,
They move at the speed of sound
So fast, you can’t see them
As they move things around.
The car keys that were hung by the door
Now under the rug on the hallway floor
The slippers she always wore to bed
Were wrapped around her dogs’ head.
They create such chaos as they move everything
They do it while dancing and as they sing
Move it a few inches, move it a mile
Her confusion makes them laugh and smile.
She decided to give it up
Finding her slippers and her cup
She when she is late, give her no shame
The parallel Time Bandits are to blame.

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