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A Christmas Card To My Students

It’s Christmas time, here in San Antonio, the weather changes minute to minute. I have to keep an array of outfits at the ready, sweater to shorts, like fat to thin.

It’s a special time with my students, trying out Christmas songs as I hope they gather round and sing together over the holidays. I’m cautious about imposing my tradition upon them, really came up short when one young student looked at me and said, “I’m Jewish.” Live and learn Katrina, live and learn.

When they present me with a present, I feel helplessly caught in wonderment, after all they pay for their lessons, so their kindness surprises me.

I wish I could tell them the following:

 “You are my gift, seeing you every week is like spending time with a friend. Your trust inspires and motivates me to be my best self. There is no greater reward, than observing your awakening into the world of music, to your magical self.

I love our conversations, the exchange of energy and ideas. You’re all the same and yet so very different in wonderful ways. From my laughing guitar guy to my relationship riddled ukulele woman, you always make me reach for my higher self.

I sometimes feel like I should be paying you, for the lessons you teach me about teaching and life. You have taught me patience, compassion and understanding on a level of the kindest order. When you share your doubts, I understand, when you say, “I can’t”, hopefully you hear me say, “You can!”

You have become my family, my friends, my tribe. There is nothing that you’re experiencing that I’ve haven’t walked through. From playing for your parents, for yourself, for others, it takes great courage.

It also, takes a huge amount of practice, which is hard to understand in this day of instant gratification. You are the poets, the storytellers, ‘tis is a gift.

I see the tenderness of your hearts, your incredible compassion, your willingness to be exposed, your courage. I also see how you look to me as a better musician, let me share a secret with you, are you ready?

The only reason that I can play better than you is because I’ve been doing it longer! Think about what you do everyday and then imagine me trying to do it. Perhaps this just made you smile, me doing finance, biology, computer technology, web design, carpentry, just plug in what you do and think about how long it’s taken you to be successful. It’s really just as simple as that, it’s not about talent, it’s about drive, commitment and passion.

So, in conclusion:

You are my gifts this Christmas, thank you for warming my heart, giving me a purpose and for taking the courageous steps to this, our wondrous time together”


Today’s Musing: “Your vibe is your tribe, choose wisely”

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  1. Maggie

    Dear Katrina,
    This is beautiful, thank you! You are a wonderful teacher and I love our time together. Merry Christmas!

    1. Katrina

      Hi my Maggie, you are a wonderful student, beautiful soul and if I had a daughter, I would want her to be just like you! #girlwithguitar

  2. Dean

    I enjoyed reading this! Thank you ?

    1. Katrina

      Hi Dean, Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. It’s true, your daughter is one of my many blessings, #girlwithguitar

  3. Chris

    Love you ?

    1. Katrina

      Hi Chris, from ukulele to guitar, from guitar to ukulele, from laughter to tears, from here to the moon and back, you are like a sister. Love you too! Happy Birth Day! #girlwithguitar

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