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The Purpose

At the end of every lesson, I ask the student if they have any questions, usually it deals with music, but this lesson ended with her asking, “What is our purpose in life?” It stopped me in my tracks, knowing that teachers can have a huge impact upon their student’s lives. I honestly responded, “To love and be loved” which was met with a look of confusion, so I tried again. Sharing with her my story of belief.

When we are in angels in Heaven, sitting upon God’s knee, he tells us our mission. “I know you’re so excited to meet your new parents and help, but here is what you need to know.”

“You get to pick your family, so choose wisely. Looking deeply into the Angel’s eyes he says, “This is very important because I sent you with a mission to love, be loved and use all the gifts, which I’m about to give to you. When you are first born, you will barely remember me and as you grow, some of you will completely forget about me, forget your earthly tasks.  Sometimes you will lose your way, sometimes you will forget my love“

The Angel replies with earnest, “Oh no I won’t, I’ll always remember!”  God smiles for he knows the Angel’s heart is true.

God then turns the Angel’s attention to a magical golden chest and says, “Inside you will find my gifts, choose wisely, for you are to use all of them upon earth.”

The angel looks in wonderment, for therein lie the gifts of the universe. such as: Language, science, math, writing, family, music, art, conversation, laughter, understanding, and compassion.

The excited Angel picks her gifts and fly off to make her grand entrance upon earth. Surely enough, as time passes, she forgets about her gifts and her mission.

As time passes, she finds herself afraid of what others think and therefore she does not sing, write, play, have a family, laugh, in essence she does not feel that she has the right to reach for the stars. She finds self-doubt slowing her down upon her path; the opinion of others changing her route. Out of fear she does not take up her space, she feels she is either too big, or too little, never just right. Her value is reflected back at her in the eyes of strangers; she allows her candle to be blown out by the winds of each storm.

Upon the end of her life, she thinks, “Why didn’t I?” But it is too late and regrets too many to hold become her companion.

She then returns to God and as he greets her with his love, he asks, “Did you use your gifts?” Ashamed, she averts her eyes and says, “No, I did not.”

This is my story of what drives me, keeps me trying, helps to give me purpose in life. For upon the time that it’s all said and done, I wish to meet God’s eyes and turn my pockets inside out and say, “Yes, I used everything you gave to me, I have nothing left!”

To find one’s purpose is a gift within itself. I’ve always been drawn into the entertainment field. Some of my jobs have included, Singing Telegrams, Professional Musician, Radio Personality and Private Music Teacher. I’ve performed in front of  Thousands and a few, I’ve always loved the energy exchange. It’s my belief that many of us feel “a part from” instead of “a part of”, that’s probably why I gather my students around me like a family, it’s kind of my “job”.

Be apart of the conversation and please share what your gifts are and how you use them.

Today’s Musing:  “Do the best you can, no one can expect anything more” Something my mom would say to me when I told her that I was afraid of doing something.


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  1. Dana M

    I love this story, Katrina. You are very gifted- not only musically, but your wisdom and stories are so inspiring. I love the image of our turned out, empty pockets showing God that we have given all that we could.

    1. Katrina

      Thanks Dana,
      I believe that we have to look at life with hope, trust and lightness. It’s clear that part of your purpose is to inspire others by your example. When I see you with Maggie, I;m in awe ~ your are SuperMom!

  2. Darrell

    How inspiring!!
    Thank you so much.

    1. Katrina

      Hi Darrell,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read ~ play that guitar my brother!!

  3. Marty

    Beautiful words, Katrina! I love how you use your gifts! Your students are very fortunate to have you in our lives!

    1. Katrina

      Hi Marty,
      I believe that I am very fortunate to have my students ~ now go practice!

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