Listen For The Calm In The Storm ~ Katrina Curtiss 6/1/2020

Inspired by a conversation with a 17 year old student who said to me today, “It feels like the world is coming to an end.” It broke my heart that he is afraid of what’s happening. I told him that he will tell stories of this time of his life, when he bouncing his grandchildren upon his knee. This is for Jackson, a young man who is tender of heart.

Listen For The Calm In The Storm ~ Katrina Curtiss 6/1/2020

So much was happening so very fast
The sounds of the jungle were like a loud blast
Everyone was running around everywhere
Thinking that no one, anywhere cared.

Then out of the sky, a yellow bird flew
First there was one, then there were two
And suddenly the people stopped the noise
They put down their guns; they put down their toys.

A wonderful sound began to fill their ears
It made them remember, as their eyes filled with tears
They saw once again the river that flows
How they had forgotten, nobody knows

The left and the right, the blue and the red
Decided to put their differences to bed
They joined hands in a circle and started to sing
Their hearts filled with joy as church bells began to ring

They promised to never forget what they learned
That respect and love is something that’s earned
That when everything seems wrong and nothing seems right
To be each other’s calm voice in the still of the night.

Today’s Musing: “Check on our children, give them hope” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar

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