A White Woman’s Protest ~ Katrina Curtiss 6/3/2020

I do identify with the feelings of injustice, of not being on the same playing field as others. I worked for years alongside men who made almost double my salary for doing the same job. As a young woman, I dealt with sexual harassment, asked to do things, which would never be asked of a man. Trying to find work as an older woman, I got all the way to the in person interview, only to be rejected. I don’t think any of us has not been touched by prejudice and injustice.

This is my response:

A White Woman’s Protest ~ Katrina Curtiss 6/3/2020

March if you will, to fix what’s not right
But do not destroy in the dark of the night
Push if you will against Racism
To break yourself out of oppression prison

Chant and scream at the top of your lungs
Lead the way with grace for our daughters and sons
Lead the fight against the wave of blue
I believe in your right to do what you do

The road before us stretches long into the night
It’s a battle of respect, dignity, between wrong and the right
The road behind us stretches long into our past
The change will take time, it will not come fast

It’s said that I cannot understand what’s happened to you
But I can still stand and fight for what is true
I want you to know that it’s happened to me
Because of my age and sex, I’ve lost liberties

A man makes more per hour than me
Is my brain worth less because it’s inside of me?
I’ve been turned down for jobs, because of my age
Yes, this injustice has filled me with rage

But I choose to try and raise those around
My protest is constant, though without a sound
It’s not only you; it’s many of us too
That’s what I mean, when I say, I stand next to you.

Today’s Musing: “What happened to Mr. Floyd was a crime, the officers have been arrested, but it does not matter anymore” ~ Observation by me #girlwithguitar




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