You are currently viewing “The Color of Today’s Clear Sky Is The Same As My Vote.” ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/13/2020
I Voted Early In The 2020 Presidential Election ~ 10:13:2020

“The Color of Today’s Clear Sky Is The Same As My Vote.” ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/13/2020

I didn’t think it would matter so much, early voting, but it did.

I didn’t plan on being one of the first at the polls, but I was.

I didn’t think I would feel so much pride, but I do.

I didn’t know the woman in front of me would talk the whole time, but she did.

I didn’t know how afraid I was of not getting him out of office, but I am

I didn’t plan on leading a cheer with the other voters, but I did.

I didn’t know I would pray for change, but I am, daily.

I didn’t know I would lose friends over this election, but I have.

I didn’t know other countries were so invested in this election, but they are.


I was at the polls for early voting at 7:05am, my location: Thousand Oaks Library, San Antonio, Texas.
Mask on, I silently took my place in line, thinking voting started at 7am, only to find that it started at 8am. About 50 people in line ahead of me, all but one family of 5 wearing masks. 6 feet of separation, we stood separately but united as together we watched the sun rise.

I love conversation, apparently so did the woman in front of me, I learned about her husband, who is a teacher, her grandchildren, her hometown in Oklahoma and more details than a peacock has feathers.

I watched the line behind me grow, watched senior citizens slowly make their way to the end of the line, wanting to let them cut in front of me.  But, I didn’t.
Around 9:15am, I finally reached the entrance, hesitated stepping inside to wait, Covid 19 Conscious am I.

Inside, a gentleman behind a table, squirted hand sanitizer on both my hands, gave me a pair of disposable gloves, a sample ballot and a free pencil to use the eraser tip to mark my electronic ballot.

Once inside, Identification provided, I was shown my way to my voting machine, votes cast, sticker given, I made my way outside.

The line had grown long, in a moment of pride and excitement, I started cheering, and they started cheering with me.
In that moment, we were united in serving our country, one vote at a time.

Today’s Musing: “Always remember, we’re too poor to be Republicans.” ~ Quote by Jeanne Marie Curtiss ~ mother of me #girlwithguitar

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