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Be The Vote 10:13:2020

Excited as a Kid on Christmas Morning ~ Katrina Curtiss 10/13/2020

Basura Cat woke me up at 4:30 this morning.
As usual, I went to feed her, but it was not a feeding of the belly that she was after, instead, it is the feeding of her soul

Sofia drove by my voting location just after 6am, she suggested that
I get dressed and get in line. At 6:01am, there was only 1 car at the site.

I don’t feel a need to be first in line today, but I do feel a responsibility to be in the line. I’m standing on the shoulders of all those who fought for Women to have the right to vote. I’m standing on the platform, which I believe will be the safest and brightest for the women to come after me.

Excited As A Kid on Christmas Morning ~ by me 10/13/2020

Wake Up, Wake Up, its early Election Day,
Time to put into action, all the words that we say!
It’s the best day of all in such a long time,
Let’s get ready to go and stand in the line!

Don’t forget your ID, or they won’t let us vote,
Cover up your Biden shirt by wearing a coat.
Grab your glasses and mask; let’s drive really fast,
And make sure your vote is legally cast.

Vote for Healthcare, Education and Democracy,
Let’s ride the Blue wave for the world to see.
That we’re tossing one out and bringing one in,
So that America can be healthy and happy again.

Today’s Musing: “Vote for your community, vote for a better country, vote as though your freedom depends upon it, because it does.” ~ me #girlwithguitar #VoteBlue

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