It’s An Emotional Landmine ~ Sunday 11/8/2020 Katrina Curtiss

It’s no secret that if you follow me on any social media platform that I wanted Biden to win. The reasons are many, time is short, so I won’t elaborate.

What I am learning on this Sunday is to keep my mouth shut.

I mentioned that I liked Kamala Harris to someone; they got very upset with me.

My Neighbor just asked if I was happy, I said, not so much happy, but relieved (was trying to measure my words.) Stated that I was hopeful because Biden is already assembling a COVID 19 task force. I knocked on wood, to which she replied, “Knocking on wood won’t help.” At this time, Sofia’s eyes got really big, silently signaling me to shut up.

I am watching every word that comes out of my mouth with everyone, unless they openly say they voted for Biden, otherwise, there’s trouble afoot.

Funny, how 4 years ago when they shouted with glee, I didn’t respond in anger, or retorts of how the election was rigged, or that the vote was stolen. I accepted Hillary’s loss and prayed that our new President would be good for our country.

So, now that I’m relieved about the fate of our country, I have to keep it to myself?

Fearful of upsetting friends and strangers?

My neighbors talk of their religion, although I don’t agree, I never toss words carelessly around about my beliefs, I listen and accept. I applaud they have a faith that helps them.

Not liking someone because they voted for Biden or Trump, to me is no different than not liking someone because they are of a certain religion, color or sex. It’s a sad statement of the world we live in.

Look, nothing is going to change, unless we support change. The first order of business is helping our country battle COVID 19, which is fact. At the same time, we need to make sure that businesses that are or have failed are helped; people are losing their life savings, their homes.
Families are trying to get their kids to school; people are trying to find work.

Life has been going on during this time for many, and their lives are not good.

I want to shout in the streets, that finally something is being done, but sharing that hope, that happiness, distresses and upsets some.

I wasn’t going to write today, but alas, I have.

Take care,
Wear your mask,

Much love always, #girlwithguitar and Basura Cat




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  1. Connie L Calvo

    You’re right, that’s for sure! I remember all of the remarks then and how hurtful and crazy it all was and trump won!

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