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Posting Political Memes ~ My Humble Opinion ~ Katrina Curtiss  11/7/2020

Some are calling for “us” to take the “high road” today as we bid “Adieu” to 45 and “Hola” to 46. That we should not express ourselves with levity and excitement.

For those who take offense to memes, let me give you some insight.

For the past 4 years, many of us have lived with the fear.

Fear of losing our rights to love whom we choose.

Fear of losing our rights over our bodies.

Fear of losing our healthcare, what was his plan? Now we’ll never know.

Fear of COVID 19, which he said would magically disappear and when he realized it wouldn’t he simply gave up.

Fear of his decision to pull us out of the Paris Peace Accords

Fear of his lies, his manipulation, look how his supporters answer his call to arms via Twitter.

Fear of him, his rhetoric, his magnificent ability to warp some of our fellow American’s perception

Fear of him undermining our Democracy, the very fabric of our Nation. (His speech this past Thursday night was so full of lies that major networks cut away.)

So now that the country will see how “we” will not take your guns, “we” will not burn down your houses, “we” will not cheat and lie our way into power as “we” work hard to unite our country, perhaps now you will start to understand the web of lies he used to lull half of this country into a stupor.

The memes aren’t meant at you, they are squarely directed at him.

He who has caused hurt feelings across the globe, he who is spending today golfing, instead of helping to “Make our country great again.”

Over the past 4 years, I have not been able to use our President as a role model for myself, my friends, family or children. I greatly look forward to that day once again soon.

Good Bless America, as we walk out of the shadows and into the light.
Celebrate safely,
Much Love Always, #girlwwithguitar and Basura Cat

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