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Thoughts  ~ Just Mine ~ Katrina Curtiss 11/12/2020

For those of you who know me, you know that, before COVID 19 ~ I never posted health-oriented topics.

Before the Presidential Election ~ I never posted Political topics.

I’m not a believer that my thoughts are shared or supported by anyone.

Honestly, all I’ve wanted to do was create and teach music. And I most definitely do not believe that anything I post will change anyone’s mind. I do however suspect that those apposed to my words, will not hesitate to comment. Cool, bring it, give me a credible source to support your position and I promise to read it.

My Thoughts…

The world that I knew changed, it wasn’t overnight, it was more like watching a storm come in, the darkening clouds, the winds, that sense of knowing that something was wrong.

Sure, I lean more Liberal than Conservative, that’s a given, I’m a musician. Always in my life have I looked at things differently that most. That’s okay; I’m cool with it. I’m a true believer in Karma, and that through the mouth, speaks the heart.

I’ve always tried to align myself with those who lead in grace, truth and justice

I’ve never claimed to be a leader, but I do claim my place in fighting the good fight, in getting into “good trouble.”

I have friends in all walks of life, ages, incomes, spiritual beliefs, sexual preferences; it’s given me an opportunity to have great conversations, to share, to learn, to grow.

But over the past 4 years, those beloved conversations have become uncomfortable.

It feels like we have turned a deaf ear to justice, we have become willing to say, “Oh well…”
The outgoing President has lower the bar, so much so in fact, that now many step over it in glee and ignorance.

Just how he stated that COVID 19 would magically disappear, just like he didn’t tell us the truth, just like his saying, “it is what it is…” Just like that, we have been subjected to a “leader” who cares more about money than life itself. Please note, that I’m talking about “our lives.”

If people are dying and they are, If people are getting sick, and they are, If our hospitals are being overrun, and they are. I ask, how, HOW can anyone be in favor of a leader who has done NOTHING!

No example did he set, he mocked mask wearers to the point that it became a political hot potato.

Yes, just this week, there is hope upon the horizon, but not because of him, but because scientist are working around the clock to find a vaccine.


I have started every morning, hoping to have a reason to get behind the current administration, every single frickin’ morning!

Here’s the thing, my 401k might be doing good, stock holders might be rejoicing, but there are people suffering. I mean really suffering, living paycheck to paycheck, paying hospital bills, trying to make mortgage, put food on the table, get their kids to school. The list goes beyond my small window upon the world.

Lucky are the ones who’s lives are only slightly altered by COVID 19 ~ who’s biggest complaint is having to wear a mask and working from home.

You know who you are, the ones who kept claiming that the Virus would go away after the election. The ones who are more afraid of losing their cash flow than saving the lives of others, the believers of half-truths and nonsense. I believe with all of my heart, that you know who you are.

I support you in your world, not that you need my approval.

But I will never understand you.

Stay safe, wear your mask, have faith.

As my mother use to say, “this too shall pass.”

Hope to see you on the other side,

Respectfully, #girlwithguitar

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  1. Bob Robertson

    One pundit said the problem with this guy started when he got away with a big, big lie early on — that Obama was not born in the U.S. When he saw that people just laughed it off, he kept it up, with bigger and bigger lies and more and more impossible promises. Who ever thought that Boomers like me, who grew up in a stable, safe world (or so it seemed) would have this plague thrust upon us, and worse, that almost half of the voters continue to support all his cruelty and dishonesty. Oh drat, don’t get me started!!!!

  2. Connie L Calvo

    Your mother is right, “this too shall pass” one day, not now but hopefully soon. ???

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