You are currently viewing Billionaires In Space © by Katrina Curtiss 7.21.21
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Billionaires In Space © by Katrina Curtiss 7.21.21

Sitting upon a pile of cash
Thinking of how to spend it fast
They decided to live their boyhood dreams
And build their separate flying machines.

Up, Up and away, into outer space
Who would be first? Oh what a race!
As those of us upon the ground
Are burning to death, while others drown.

One thinks that the money could have been better used
To help the suffering, the sick and the abused
Than to speed into space and have a peek around
To do good upon earth, answers to be found.

As we gather pennies to pay for gas and our bills
It’s hard to get excited about such extravagant frills
Liking to think, that if it was us, we would do more
And spend our money helping the sick and the poor.

I wish that we had greater dreams than of just fulfilling our own.

**The price onboard either Virgin Galactic VSS Unity space plane or Blue Origin spacecraft reportedly starts at $250,000 a seat.

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