The Adventures Of Sofia And Bulk Pick-Up Week ~ Katrina Curtiss 3/11/202

Basura and I are so mystified,
When Sofia gets a joyful tear in her eye.
It’s when Bulk Pick-up is coming our way,
She’s excited like a kid on Christmas Day.

People put out, all the things they don’t want,
And the neighborhood, Sofia does haunt.
Finding chairs, hinges, tables and more,
Once she even found two old French Doors.

She goes out with her hammer and drill,
Doesn’t come back until her car it is filled.
Then in her She Shed, with a “buzz” and a “whirl”
She turns a Sow’s ear into a pearl.

Yes, Bulk Pick-up is her favorite time of the year,
It filled her with excitement, creativity and cheer.
Making new, old things from the past,
Hopefully this year, she will sell them for cash.

***Sofia has lived in Dubai for 12 years before coming to live in The United States, before that she lived in her homeland of Portugal. When she shares pictures of what she finds here on our streets, her family back home are astonished!***

We truly do live in the land of opportunity.

As always, thank you for reading my stuff, it means a lot, it has kept me sane during The Pandemic. Looking forward to better times, stay safe, wear your mask, see you on the other side, which seems closer than before.

Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar

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  1. Debbie Kessler Linck

    Thanks for your sharing not only your & Basura’s thoughts; but, also Sophia’s!
    Yes America is the land of opportunity, right outside your neighbors’ door! Next time Collection Day rolls around, be prepared for some dumpster diving, Kat. You be well & stay safe, too.

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