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Donna Wells ~ Gilligan's Island R.I.P.

The Never-ending Conversation Continues ~ Katrina Curtiss 12/30/2020

I get into awkward conversations, I suspect we all do.

Where what I think is totally different from what someone else thinks and we leave in agreed disagreement.

Today’s topic concerned the death of 82-year-old Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island back in the ‘60s.

The news reports that her death was “Covid-Related.”

My friend states that hardly anyone dies from Covid, it’s due to underlying circumstances. This statement makes my head hurt.

Perhaps someone had underlying conditions, but the official cause is Covid.

His statement indicates that Covid wasn’t really what killed her, it was something that added to, but did not cause her passing.

I’ve learned not to argue with people anymore, it’s exhausting and much like screaming into a passing train.

Here is what I wanted to say:

So, if a person with an underlying condition drives down the street and is killed in a head on collision, then it wasn’t the collision that killed them? You’re saying it “contributed” to their death? Going with your reasoning that they had a preexisting condition?

Diagnosed with an underlying condition, I take great precautions with my health. Perhaps to an extreme some might say. To which I think, “I can’t afford a lengthy hospital stay in the event that I get really sick. I’m not ready to leave, in the event that it kills me. I don’t want to get it and give it to someone, perhaps killing them.”

I’m reasonably healthy, but if I get Covid, who knows what would happen? It seems to affect everyone differently.

The lost souls, who have left due to the virus, is my friend suggesting that they would still be here?

It feels dismissive to me to lives lost, to hearts broken to be cavalier and careless with uneducated comments.

In a shared moment, discussing someone’s death due to Covid, to hear the response, “Well, I bet they had underlying conditions.” Feels dismissive and divisive and reflects a lack of compassion and empathy.

I take a knee with those who have lost loved ones, feeling robbed of remaining moments, taken too soon.

I can’t imagine that they find any comfort with the words, “But they had an underlying condition.”

Shame. that’s how I feel, knowing that I know those who insist on adding this to the passing of our loved ones.

Wear your mask, be kind.

In my heart, I believe that we are better than this.

Much love always, #girlwithguitar







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