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"Wanderings And Ponderings" ~ Book Jacket

My First Book Is Being Born ~ 6/14/21


Thanks to
I’m a creative soul, not good with computer technology, so when Morning Owls offered to design my website, I jumped
at the offer, they’ve been amazing with their support and knowledge.

Thanks to their website design, I’ve collected enough work to publish my first book.

“Wanderings and Ponderings” by me, will soon be available for purchase. It is a 50 page collection of my observations
of life, poetry and musings.

Thank you so much for your support over the past year ~ stay tuned on how to buy my book and the one to follow,
“The Adventures Of Basura” ~ by popular demand.

If you want a great family owned and operated website design company to work with, I highly recommend

Stay true to you

Much love always,
Katrina J Curtiss

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  1. Dana

    Dear Katrina- we are so very happy to be a part of helping you move forward, spread your wings, and try new things! This is why Morning Owls was created – to help small business people, just like you, carve out a space of your own on the Internet. Keep flyin’ high!

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