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Just Around The Corner 4 20 21

A Popular Texas Saying ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/20/21

There’s a saying here in Texas, you hear it all the time,
When you ask directions to a place you’re trying to find.
“Just up around the corner,” is what they say to you,
30 minutes later, you see it wasn’t true.

You can drive for forever; it may seem even more,
Passing cows, construction signs and even liquor stores.
But sure enough they meant it, when they said the words they said,
While you’re driving round in circles, scratching at your head.

Listening to your GPS can leave you in a mess,
So asking someone from here always seems the best.
But be wary, when they say, “Just around corner, up around the bend.”
You may find yourself on a journey that never seems to end.

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