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Katrina Curtiss Performing at StreetfareSA Oct 29 2021

Nervous ~ by Katrina Curtiss ~ 10.20.21

Nervous was ol’ silly me
As I headed out the door
To play guitar and sing
And do a little more.

18 months, I’ve stayed away
From people, places and things
I teach on line and patiently await
The things that Amazon brings.

A crowd seems strange to my eyes
As my brain tries to recognize
The way life was before
The Pandemic knocked upon my door.

Nervous was ol’ silly me
My mask upon my face
It’s not gone, but we’re still here
Our lives have been touched with grace.

***I was nervous doing events this week I have spent so many years performing, that I was amazed at my self.
Then it hit me. It’s been 18 months sinceI have been around more than 3 people at a gathering.
It’s been 18 months of being isolated for lack of a better word, 18 months of trying to survive.

It seems that people are not wearing masks (not all, but the majority).
It seems that people have become “normalized” to our situation.
It seems that it’s time to rejoin the life-force.
It seems that life, as always carries on.
It seems that I will continue wearing a mask.
It seems that I will be seeing you at open mics and gigs ~ HUZZAH!!!

My next gig is Oct 29that StreetfareSA in San Antonio 7-9p ~ Hope to see you there!

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