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The Leaf And The Wind 9:17:2020

The Leaf And The Wind©   ~ by Katrina Curtiss  9/17/2020

I started writing this 3 years ago, inspired after watching the leaves dance in the breeze. Wondering if they too, have trouble letting go of the familiar and venturing into the unknown. The main reason that I waited so long to finish this, was I thought I needed an illustrator, as my mindset was one of perfection. I’ve since decided that perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder. #girlwithguitar

The Leaf And The Wind©   ~ by Katrina Curtiss  9/17/2020

Once upon a time there was a little tiny leaf,
Who shook with the wind, in disbelief.
“If the wind blows me free, then woo oh woo is me,
I must hold on with everything to this big oak tree!”

The wind she said, “I’ll blow you off into the air you will go,
And then you can see all the things the world has to show!”
But the tiny leaf held on so very tight,
She clung to the branch with all of her might.

The wind she blew so hard crying “I will not fail!”
And off into the night our little leaf did sail.
Up over rooftops and city lights galore,
Vowing to herself that she would settle the score.

How dare the wind be so bold and take her, here and there!
How dare the wind toss her like a salad in the air!
How dare the wind think she could just as she please!
How dare the wind, how dare she, how dare she indeed!

The wind then sang a pretty song to the leaf,
And took her on a wondrous journey beyond her belief.
Together they settled onto a hill where the sun set and rose,
And the moon sent many kisses down to the little leaf’s nose.

The wind asked the leaf, “Are you still so mad at me,
Would you want me to go away and just leave you be?”
The little leaf, cried “Take me, with you won’t you please!
This is so much more fun, than just clinging to a tree.”

So together they happily roamed all over the earth,
Their days filled with merriment, laughter and mirth.
The lesson is we have to sometimes let go,
To see what we see, and to know what we know.

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