19 Plus 2 (Uvalde Texas School Shooting) ~ by Katrina Curtiss 5.24.2022

School bells ring; change from class to class
No one knew that it would be the last
Bloody backpacks, strewed on the floor
Unprepared, as the gunman entered the door.

Parents lost, feeling all alone
Asking where is the nearest funeral home?
Can’t find their child, no answers to be found
Helpless, Hopeless, their knees hit the ground.

As news breaks, the world watches amazed
In hopeless pain, everyone prays
But nothing has changed over time
As our country has forgotten, Columbine.

It’s our fault, for we have succumbed
To living in a country that loves their guns
Claim your 2nd amendment with all your might
As 21 beds lie empty tonight.



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