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Oh, I’ve Got Gigs!

COVID-19 really tossed my world like a salad, baked my plans like a potato and deep fried my friendships.

I took time off like most everyone, 2 years of not doing this, not doing that. Alone, Alone, Alone…
I’d like to think that I spent so much time alone productively, but alas that would be a lie.

I still feel like a bear slowly coming out of hybernation.

I have kept up on my teaching of guitar, piano, voice, performance and ukulele ~ my students are the best!

But playing out live is a slow go…

I’m grateful for this coming weekend, May 21st and 22nd. Hosting an Open Mic at StreetfareSA on Saturday 7-9pm
Sunday, I’m a featured Songwriter at a growing event at Backyard On Broadway. On June 11th, I return to Backyard on Broadway
6-8 as a solo artist.

What I love most is playing my original music and sharing the stage with up and coming musicians.

Salute to venues that give musicians a safe space!

***If you get a chance go listen to my original music at

Peace my friends, may none of us live in fear.

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