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Sofia Helping 86 year Old Ken learn how to Zoom during COVID19

My Sunday Adventure ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/5/2020

It’s interesting, this time of life, Sofia works mostly from home, I have few students ~ some via Zoom, a couple in person, but now that we’ve spiked with the virus, I’ve canceled them again.

We talk about what we can do, I keep saying, for now we must be super aware, not afraid, just aware.

What can we do? We can help, share, try and lift those around us, in our small circle, try to reach out.

An 86 year old student of mine lives alone, we talk on the phone every day. He had the opportunity to take some Zoom lessons from a senior service learning center, we tried to help him learn how to Zoom via the phone, it wasn’t working. We offered to go help him in person, he refused, didn’t want to be a bother. Finally he said, “come over” we hopped in the car, loaded down with wipes, hand sanitizer, our masks.

Here’s a picture of Sofia helping him, setting him up, both practicing so that today he could attend his class.

He just called me to say, “thank you” ~ I asked if he needed us to have food delivered to him, he replied, that no, he has enough food for months, to which I replied, “ya would think that someone with so much food, would have offered us something to eat” ~ we both laughed.

The point of this posting? ~ regardless of age, some people are alone, it’s essential that we check on them. If, like me you find yourself with time, I encourage you to make those phone calls. Let them know that they’re essential. #girlwithguitar

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