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Dear Loved, Lost Soul

When someone leaves and doesn’t say good-bye
When someone gives up and doesn’t really try
We’re left with a bundle of threads, untied and tangled
When someone we love dies.

If they would have understood, surrendered and really lived
Then they could have lived the lives we live
But addiction is unkind and cruel
It turns courageous Kings into floundering Fools.

A bottle, a pill both day and night
Why is it they never see the light
They don’t get it, seems so hard
Up their sleeve, the Joker’s card

To be powerless, is to be powerful
Theirs is a box without a tool
Why can’t they put their toys away?
Where’s their willingness for another day?

When gone, our questions fall upon deaf ears
Drowning in sadness for all the lost years
What could have been, never was and won’t be
Things might have been so different if they’d listened to me

But you can’t make a train jump the tracks
What is taken will never come back
We cry and let sorry take it’s heavy toll
For the loss and suffering of our lost, loved soul.

Today’s Musing: “One is too many and not enough” ~ Katrina Curtiss

(written by Katrina Curtiss on 7/6/1998 to a friend who lost a loved one to addiction)

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