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Cindy Lou Who ~ by me 6/27/2020

I Feel Like Cindy Lou Who ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 6/27/2020

Let me have your imagination for a few
And let’s pretend we are in the land of the Who
Remember Whoville and the Grinch who stole?
It’s a wonderful story worth being retold.

I feel like a Who down in Whoville today
The Grinch stole our presents away on his sleigh
His heart is tiny and not full of love
As he lives on his white mountain from high up above.

He plans and he paces all through the night
Thinking his thoughts with all of his might
He wants to stop our singing and happiness
He wants to take away all that makes us our best.

But remember how the Whos handled his theft?
They gather in a circle, held hands and sang with all of their breath
Together, they knew what matter the most
That this land was their land from coast to coast.

Oh how I wish we were Whos, who knew what to do
And you didn’t fight me and I didn’t fight you
We’re being fractured, broken and torn apart
When, what we need for him to see, is the love in our hearts.

Today’s Musing: ““And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day.” – How the Grinch Stole Christmas! #girlwithguitar #PleaseMrPresident #PeaceNow

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  1. Connie L. Calvo

    I wish we would also!

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