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A Slice Of Humble Pie

Bathroom renovation project ~ it’s been a month now, a missing piece from the shower has us in limbo, it’s been over a week and the replacement piece is still sitting somewhere in a warehouse in Japan

The Tile guys won’t move forward until all the plumbing is complete, the plumbing is still incomplete.

The car has a shimmy, took it into the shop, there was a nail in the tire, bought new tire, it still had a shimmy, took it back in. Turns out an axl was bad, had it replaced, car screeches, took it back, they said, “bad part”, had to replace. Turns out it wasn’t a bad part, bad installation. Had to miss a day of work ~ curses.

Window replacement guys, didn’t get back to me, I waited for a week, then reached out asked for the quote again, they sent it, it was incorrect, they sent it again, corrected.

I always say, if these are my problems, aren’t I a blessed #girlwithguitar, but Monday got the best of me and feeling like I had no control, I decided to clean the panty. After all, what’s the point in shaking my fist to the sky condemning the incompetence of “professionals?”

A friend said, “sometimes people just don’t know…” Sometimes, I suspect that “sometimes people just don’t care”

So, here I was standing in self indulgent indignation, in my pajamas, on the floor scrubbing the pantry, no make-up, bedhead, trying to find something that I could start and finish with pride, when the doorbell rang. I’d forgotten that I had offered a student a home make-up lesson. I jumped to my feet, screamed, “Wait a Minute!!’ tossed on something presentable, ran a brush through my hair, a little make-up and thought to myself, “Well, the Universe certainly has a way of keeping me humble.” I offered my student a free lesson due to my lack of “professionalism”, he refused ~ therefore the lesson was driven home. I know better than to put on my judgement jacket, but sometimes the world is a cold place and a frustrated soul wants some self-indulgent warmth.

Every danged time I take inventory of someone or something, I find myself committing the same action that I stand in judgment of ~ God certainly had a sense of humor. It’s my true belief that what upsets me most about others’ is something that hides itself within me.

Today’s Musing ~ “Every time you point a finger at someone, 3 are pointing back at you” ~ unknown.




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  1. Dana M

    Thanks for the reminder to look inward at ourselves as we find ourselves judging others. Self-reflection is not an easy thing to do. You have an uncanny ability to speak straight to the heart.

  2. Dc

    Yes mam, I think we’re all guilty.
    I tell myself people really don’t intend or mean to be so forgetful, unprofessional..
    I notice people are so busy and consumed with the next whatever, that we simply miss things.
    At least I hope.

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