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Part Of The Herd

It’s confusing for me, what’s happening in the world, in my town, in my own backyard, in my mind.

I have to admit that I became part of the “herd” mentality last night. It feels like the curtain is falling and the world is shutting down. Schools around the world closing, the arts taking a respite, personal space is a priority. The domino effects are far reaching and unknown.

Some say it’s nothing, but to me it feels like something.

My niece shared with me an article about the Corona Virus and it kept me awake, took me to the grocery store at 6am this morning. I’m scared of the hoarding factor playing into our current dilemma, our thoughts, our actions.

As I looked over the list of items we should have on hand in the event of darker days, I made a shopping list:

*Get more kitty litter, lots of kitty litter
*Get cough syrup, any medications needed for flu, cold, cough, and aches.
*Grab my limited 2 gallons of drinking water ~ because everybody is, color me sheepish.
*Grab more toilet paper ~ even the cheap stuff ~ why is everybody buying toilet paper?*
*Disinfectant Wipes, seriously I just started buying them when the remodeling began 2 months ago and now you can’t find them.
*Laundry detergent ~ who wants dirty clothes no matter the climate?
*Get more coffee ~ one surely needs more stimulates, especially now.
*Kleenex ~ I haven’t bought Kleenex in years.
*Canned tuna ~ I don’t like it, but it’s in my pantry
*Limit perishable items, stock up on frozen and canned fruit and vegetables.

Don’t worry about gas; it’s at an all time low thanks to Russia and Saudi Arabia

I was getting ready to book a flight to see a sick friend ~ now, I’m hesitating, waiting to see what tomorrow brings:

COV19 echoes the Aids scare of the 80s’. Reminds me of how the shelves were bare during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when we were told to “stock up” before the refugees made it to town. Reminds me of 9/11 when we were all on the same page of fear. Reminds me of Y2K ~ when we feared being thrown into the dark.

This reminds me of every time we faced fear on a national, global level. Suddenly, we’re talking to our neighbors again, sad about the distance between us and loved ones. Extremely concerned about the elderly, our investments, ourselves.

Heavy upon my mind are those who live paycheck to paycheck. Thankfully, I’m a penny hoarder, so I can go shopping for what the media screams is needed.

Here is the article that my niece sent, it’s long, insightful and worth a read.

I used to be a News Anchor in radio, I quit because it made me feel uncomfortable reporting things that I was being told, feeling that perhaps that I was part of the problem. I used the words: “Allegedly, reportedly, according to sources…” but people would quote back my stories to me as if they were fact.

I know the world of news, we’re always taking someone’s word on something that we haven’t seen, trying to educate, trying to keep our jobs, also trying to get the highest ratings ~ after all it’s all about a buck.

I don’t know what’s going on, but something obviously is. I wish we had a leader who instilled faith, comfort and peace of mind, I kind of need that now, I want my mom. But for now, it appears that we need to help our neighbors, fellow man, woman, child and ourselves.

In the words of Buffalo Springfield ~ “Think it’s time we Stop! Hey What’s that sound Everybody look what’s going down”  ~ For What It’s Worth

Today’s Musing: “It would be wonderful if the only thing we had a shortage of was fear” ~ Katrina Curtiss

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  1. Dana M

    Crazy times we find ourselves in right now.

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