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When You Buy, Buy From The Local Guy ~ Support Your Local Business

I’m a “professional” musician, which means that I make my living by teaching music lessons and performing live. Over the past year, I’ve been honored to host Open Mic events around town, a time where I sit back and let those who want to play take the spotlight. It’s been a wonderful experience, observing talent of all ages take the stage, share their gifts.

But where would we be without the venues that support Open Mic events? Let me answer that with, Nowhere.

It’s such a gamble for a venue, allowing people with different levels of “talent” take the stage for 15 minutes, it can draw people in or drive people out, and every “people” is a dollar and business is business.

This is my personal salute to two local venues that feature Open Mic Events: StreetFare SA and Las Chiladas Mexican Restaurant, before the Corona Virus, you’d find me at both of the following places once a month. Signing up singers, songwriters, with their friends and family cheering them on, it was a thing of beauty and fun.

StreetFare SA is still open on the weekends; they’re allowing Food Trucks to sell food, feed you in hopes that they can survive in this time of economic stress. I’ve spoken to the wonderful MC Robinson, who books the entertainment.  She reached out to me, suggesting that I start a paypal tip jar, something to help me, as she knows I’m not working. She reached out to me ~ worried, concerned, trying to help. She is worried about her Food Truck vendors, worried about them making a living, their survival. Here is the link to their website, they are open weekends, please help support the “small guys” If you spend, spend it locally, not at chain restaurants ~ let’s help our neighbors ~ click on their link to find what you need: //

Las Chiladas Mexican Restaurant is open ~ if you don’t know the owner, Patrick Flores, he’s a friend you want to have. When my refrigerator went out, he texted me, offering to store my food ~ he has lots of ice. Who does that? Patrick is a friend to musicians around town, he offers his stage to us, a lot of us. Including The R & R Music Group headed up by Ruben Ramirez ~ a great event that spotlights local talent ~ let’s help our neighbors ~ click on their link to find what you need: Las Chiladas

As businesses, as we struggle, I’m asking that you consider where you spend your money. No judgment, no guilt, I’m just asking for you to think. Who’s here for you now and who will you be here for in the future? #girlwithguitar

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  1. ddmitch782

    The picture you included here took my breath away. Many fun evenings at both Streetfare SA and Las Chiladas, enjoying friends, listening to music, enjoying food and drinks together. We are looking forward to when we can all meet up again.

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