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The Old Lady And Her Cough

There was an old lady who lived down the street
Who shuffled past my house wearing old slippers on her feet
She’d smile and say hello, then wander her wander, oh where did she go?
Her housecoat would flutter in the breeze, barely covering her knobby nosed knees
Then one day she stumbled, coughed and she sneezed
And everyone nearby stopped, and they freezed.

They gathered their children and ran into their homes
They took pictures and wrote the news with their phones.
They covered their windows, they covered their minds
Hoping, they covered everything in time.

How rude, they all thought, about that one little cough
How could she do as she please and sneeze?
Now when she comes, we’ll run and we’ll hide
What if she has that virus inside?

We’ll batten down our homes and stay to ourselves
We’ll gather every goodie off the store shelves
Give me water, give me goodies, give me all of the wine
I’ll take it all, take it all, take it all, it’s all mine!

One day, the virus packed its bags and went home
Everyone went outside, they put down their phones
What happen to the old lady, they thought and they thought
She sailed away alone in the night with her cough

They wondered and wondered, Oh what did we do?
We had enough for one, more than enough for two
We could have done something, we could have done more
Oh how they missed that old lady who use to pass by their door

Today’s Musing: “#savesome4you” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar


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