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“Sum Of Some” ~ a short poem by me 3/29/2020 (COVID-19)

I haven’t been past my driveway for the past 2 weeks
It was the night before my Birth Day when I started taking
the Virus seriously. My niece sent me something to read and
after searching the news in Italy, reading more about China,
I felt the beginnings of the Corona Breeze.

“The Sum Of Some” ~ kcurtiss  3.29.2020

Sum of Some, ran to the store, others took their kids to the park
Sum of Some, whispered in hushed tones, others screamed in the dark
Sum of Some, started to laugh, Sum of Some,  started to cry
Sum of Some, watched babies being born, others watched others die.

Sum of Some, had to go to work, they had no choice
Sum of Some, complained they couldn’t and raised their voice
Sum of Some, said, this is stupid, unnecessary, a hoax
Sum of Some, said, “I won’t get, watch me go out”, they did boast

Sum of Some, went to get things that they didn’t need
Sum of Some, stayed at home, with many mouths to feed
Sum of Some, know the right thing to do
Sum of Some, stay at home, so I don’t have to.”

Today’s Musing: “Don’t be a Di*k and make others sick” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar #stayathome #coronavirus

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