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Kat In A Mask

The Curtain Of Shame ~ Is It Just Me?  By Katrina Curtiss 5/13/2020

In my world, it feels like the curtain is slowly rising and revealing the reality of the world. It’s like waking up from a dream on a cold morning and someone is slowly pulling off the covers, allowing the chill of inhumanity to chill my bones.

The Gun issue hits closer and closer to home, 3 local shootings in as many days. It reminds me of old westerns where gunslingers roamed the streets, taking the law into their own misguided hands. The fear is based upon the perception of strangers, what if my right is their wrong? What if their answer is a quick draw of ignorance?

The Hate Speech issue hits closer and closer to home, as through the mouth speaks the heart. Words are like weapons, to be used carefully, but some use them thoughtlessly with no sense of shame. This seems magnified with every viewing of our President, crude, rude and graceless. As they say, “The fish dies from the head down.”

The COVID-19 pandemic hits closer and closer to home, as I’ve been voluntarily staying self-isolated since March 17, 2020. No trips to the store, no trips anywhere, declining recent invitations to share space because, unless I’ve missed something, the virus remains among us. I don’t understand why today is a “safer” day than yesterday. Why this week it’s okay to go to the movies, but last week is wasn’t. I feel like I’m becoming part of a group that society looks upon as scared, fearful and failures. Some are gathering, shaking their fists at the sky in defiance, do they know something that I don’t and if so, what?

Reopening The World issue hits closer and closer to home. The issue shouldn’t be about how to get businesses to reopen to keep the economy alive; instead it should be how to help businesses pay their bills to keep their employees alive.

The upcoming Presidential Election hits closer and closer to home, the clock ticks down to November 3rd, 2020. I ask myself, “Is this the best we can do?” To say the least, I’m disappointed, but will vote, not for my choice, but for the lesser of two evils.

It’s as if the virus, has given me time to look out the window and watch in horror at what I see. More sensitive to suffering, more insightful to the insensitive, less tolerate with the intolerable.

I admit that I’m scared, of the virus, of guns, of the righteous right. Their cries of “Stay at Home If You’re Scared” drown out mine of, “Quite Scaring Me!” It feels as they’re moving the line of right and wrong askew and as they make their world larger, mine becomes smaller.

Today’s Musing: “May God Bless Us, Each And Everyone” ~ Quote by Tiny Tim from A Christmas Carol #girlwithguitar











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  1. bob

    …I can’t comment about this topic very much because I get so angry, so very angry. I want to hide my head under a pillow until November. I donate
    to good candidates but it’s a drop in the bucket. I’m so lucky to have a good partner to share this with. We cry and hug and then find something to laugh about. Like that new Mexican word, Lysol –as in “He Lysol the time.” C’mon, it made you smile at least didn’t it?

  2. bob

    “…a quick draw of ignorance” — Well said, and too true.

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