How Would You Feel?  ~ by Katrina Curtiss  2/4/2021

How would you feel if your boss knew that there was danger in your work place, which bled over into your home place and didn’t tell you? Would there be any reason that your boss could give that would silence your outrage? “It’s no worse than the flu, will disappear by Easter, it will be a beautiful thing, we’ve got this under control, I’m doing a great job” ~ DJT

How would you feel if you couldn’t answer your telephone without being scammed and harassed by strangers? And when you try to politely to tell them that you’re not interested, they become angry.
Caller:“Your car warranty is about to expire” Me: I don’t own a car” Caller:(Slams down the phone)
Different Caller:“I’m calling about your computer warranty.” Me:“I don’t have a computer.” Caller: “If you’d just shut-up and let me talk!” Me:(click)
Another Caller: “Your Social Security has been breached.” Me: “I’m an illegal alien.”

How would you feel if the very same people who complain about wearing a mask are the same ones in front of you getting the vaccine?
Then: “It’s a hoax, a plot to stop the election, watch it magically disappear on Nov. 3rd.” Now: “I can’t get through on the Vaccination Websites!!!”

How would you feel if your elected officials not only believed in outrageous conspiracy theories, but also shouted them from the rooftops? And their followers cheered in agreement ~ literally cheered?
So many examples, but this one should be enough: GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. How is this woman allowed to drive, let alone be in Politics?

How would you feel if people fed by those outrageous conspiracies, took matters into their own hands and tried to overthrown your government?
Again, many examples, but this one should be enough: Date: January 6th2021 ~ The Place: The Capitol Building.

How would you feel when everything closed when the Pandemic hit, but reopens as it worsens?
CDC: “In person teaching should be suspended” School Districts: “We’re Open.”

How would you feel when “essential” workers include men and women in the Medical arena as well as Grocery Store employees?
Saving Lives = Saving Lives.
(There are many more “essential” workers who keep the world rotating, I thank you, honor you and wish you great health and prosperity.)

The question is no longer: “How would you feel?”~ it is How Do You Feel?

Welcome to the Divided States of America as it stands upon this day: February 4th 2021.

Wear Your Mask, Save A Life,

Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar and #BasuraCat

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