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Two Drinks At The Bar 6/23/2020

Two Drinks At The Bar ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 6/23/2020

Stupidity and Arrogance walked into a bar
The Bartender said, “Oh there you are!”
I see you’ve both been hard at work upon the land
Invading the lives and minds of the simple man.

Making them think that all of this is a hoax
Telling people that this virus is just a joke
Making them think things that simply aren’t true
Telling them COVID-19 is just like the flu.

Oh how well you’ve both done with your tasks
That people don’t even want to wear a mask
Screaming that their rights are being tromp upon
That they are right, while others are wrong.

So here’s a free drink for you both
As now you plan how to stop their vote
Telling them that their voices don’t matter
As you continue to fill their heads with your chatter.

I really like when you tell people that they’re filled with fear
Here have some free pretzels and another cold beer
Keep them confused, amused and filled with pride
Keep their volume louder than the other side.

Common Sense came in earlier, I wouldn’t give him a seat
We all cheered him away; it was a resounding defeat!
Then Kindness and Compassion walked in all alone
But nobody noticed, they were all glued to their phone.

That huge table there, in the dark corner can you see?
That’s filled with your friends, Criticism and Conspiracy
Oh, what a party we shall have tonight
As we celebrate your ability to make everyone fight.

Today’s Musing: “If we’re going to march, let’s head in the right direction” ~ Katrina Curtiss







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  1. Connie L. Calvo

    This poem speaks the truth! I’m glad that it was written. Thank you for sharing!

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