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My New Walking Friend ~ Sabrina

My New Friend Sabrina ~ by Katrina Curtiss 6/1/2020

I’m exhausted after watching the protest, weary of the conflict, confused by the acts of violence. I watch what’s happening and search the skies for understanding. It’s as if we were just emerging from one storm, only to find ourselves in yet, another. It would be nice to have blue skies again.

If the Virus had a voice, it would be low and taunting, trying to trick us into believing it’s not here, “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

If the Protest had a voice, it’s starts off with a empowering beautiful chorus, tragically erupting into shrill, piercing solos of the disenchanted.

What to do? What to do?

I write and walk, everyday trying to physically burn off the overload of calories in my mind. I nod at strangers, pop the peace sign to passing cars and as always am wary of stray dogs.

This morning, I made a new friend. She was outside her house, we smile and I said, “Cool shoelaces” To which she relied, “Aren’t they?” I stopped and learned that she’s from Paris, Texas, in town for a week to visit her grandbabies. I asked her is she would like to walk with me, she did and so off we went. We spoke of many things, we share many of the same beliefs, especially the desire for a strong leader. She said she was thinking of not voting, so disillusioned, I said if you don’t vote, then you’re actually voting, she replied, “yes you’re right.”

We walked back to her house, she asked for my phone number, I gave it. I asked if I could take her picture, I took it.

She said, “Remember my name, its Sabrina, yours is Katrina, we could be sisters”

I thought to myself, that would be nice.

Today’s Musing: “Always keep your head up, say Hello, you never know who you’ll meet” ~ Eugene Victor Koontz ~ Uncle Of Me #girlwithguitar

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