My Mom’s Imaginary Visit To Donald Trump ~ by Katrina Curtiss 6/1/2020

The things that won’t let me sleep, I found myself writing a speech for Donald Trump at 4am this morning, the things I wish he would say, the actions I wish he would take. Then I wished my mom was alive, because I think maybe, just maybe he would listen to my mom.

My Mom’s Imaginary Visit To Donald Trump ~ by Katrina Curtiss 6/1/2020

If my mom was alive, this much is true
One of the first things that she would do
Is drive to the White House, lickity split
And tell Donald Trump to quit being a shit.

She’d give him that look that only mothers can
And find that spoiled boy inside of the man
She’d tell him that deep down; he knows what’s right
And stop him from twittering in the dead of the night

“Donald,” she’d say, “You’re in a time out
For being a bully, a cad and a lout!”
She’s give him a swat, wash his mouth out with soap
And demand that he give our countrymen hope

“Stop whining and pointing your finger at everyone
Oh, you are so lucky that you’re not my son
I would have taught you to respect all lives
And made you a better husband for all of your wives.”

She’d get a special paddle made just for him
And when he is bad, she’d spank him again
A swat on his bottom, until he learned
To not go play golf while his country burns

“Your words,” Donny, she would say to him
“Pit neighbor against neighbor again and again
Our country is our family that you must try and reach
So I have written you a really great, inspiring speech.”

“Now you march out there and say that you’re sorry
And that you’ll be a better man
And you’re going to make “America Great Again”
By doing everything that you can.

You must set a better example, put everything in place
And lead us through these times with dignity and grace
Don’t you make me stop this car, and smack you with my hand
Grow up, Show up, and shine, please be a better man.”

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  1. bob

    Me, I’ve been writing a speech for Dr. Fauci, to give when he resigns his government job just before the election so he’ll be free to say exactly what he thinks of Donald Trump. Don’t I wish. But one point I’d disagree with in your mother’s speech, “she’d tell him that deep down; he knows what’s right” — no he doesn’t, a pathological narcissistic liar thinks he’s always right. Oh, dang, now you went and got me started…

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