You are currently viewing A Thought I Thunk ~ Kat-Servation ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/2/2020
Katrina Watching For The Storm 7/2/2020

A Thought I Thunk ~ Kat-Servation ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/2/2020

If the weather turns bad, the winds begin to blow, the trees bend, the skies darken, I am aware of potential danger.

I grab what needs protected, shut my windows, gather my candles, flashlight, unplug my major appliances, make sure my phone is charged, etc.

I wait for more information, perhaps a weather alert from the Emergency Broadcast System. Information is critical to take the right precautions. If possible, I share information on my social media platforms, with the intent to provide information to those I know and don’t.

Usually, nothing bad happens to me personally, however others are not as fortunate.

Often times, I think to myself, “Oh to be a weatherman/woman and be wrong so many times…” Yet, I’m extremely grateful for their wisdom, for the warnings of, “Be aware.”

What I don’t do is go out and argue with the storm.

If someone runs outside, shakes their fist to the sky and yells, “There’s no storm” during the storm, I shake my head in wonderment.

If the storm increases, we take to the safest place in our homes and on our knees with prayers and perhaps a bottle of wine, we wait it out in the dark.

This is how I feel about what’s going on in my world, perhaps yours.

Some are out arguing the storm, that’s fine for them, not for me to judge.

I chose to go to the safest room in my house, which is my heart and wait out this time of the virus, this time of discontent, this time of uncertainty in my own little room, in my own little house, in my own little heart.

Perhaps, when your lights go out in your house, you’ll join me.

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