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Basura ~ The Tripping Cat 12:1:2020

Basura, The Tripping Cat ~ by Katrina Curtiss 12/1/2020

I was writing and then walking, soon talking a fall,
Basura Cat was running chasing a ball.
I took a step; she got under my feet,
And soon the ground and me, we did meet.

Sofia laughed, and then I got mad,
Then she felt sad, and Basura stayed bad.
It’s just that at this age my bounce is gone,
It’s like when the fat lady sings at the end of a song.

I didn’t get hurt, nothing is broke,
Off to the bathtub, for a nice long soak.
Basura refuses to apologize, she refuses to do,
Saying, “Where you step is all up to you!”

When you have a cat, you must look all around,
They hang from the curtains, and streak on the ground.
Oh, a cat simply will never stay put,
So, beware when they run and get under foot.

Today’s Musing: “Back in the 70s’ “The Tripping Cat” had a totally different meaning.” ~ quote by Basura, owner of me. #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie

    I’m so sorry that you fell! I’m sure they didn’t mean to laugh. Sometimes our body does things that we can’t control. I hope that you’re ok.

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