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Things I know ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/8/202

In a time where many feel apart from, perhaps we are a part of each other. Feel free to add “Things you know”

I know the sound of one hand clapping and the sound of applause
I know job loss and job success.
I know financial stress and financial abundance.
I know a broken and healed heart.
I know great joy and the dark side of depression.
I know the sound of a shutting door, not to open and endless knocking.
I know betrayal, I know loyalty.
I know abandonment and staying.
I know excellent health and sickness.
I know faith and fear.
I know noise and silence.
I know love and hate.
I know feeling wounded, I know feeling wonderful.
I know commitment and ambivalence.
I know truth and I know lies.
I know acceptance and rejection.
I know grace, I know inelegance.
I know dependence and Independence.
I know humility and ego.
I know hope and hopelessness.
I know closeness and distance.
I know right and wrong.
I know apathy and empathy.
I know laughter and tears.
I know success and failure.
I know the first breath of life and the last.
I know life and death.

Be kind to you, as you are the most unique flower in the garden of life. #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    I know I’m reading, I know I enjoy what I’m reading!

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