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The Straw That Broke The Camels Back 7/9/2020

The Camel ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 7/9/2020

Pain shared is pain halved, it’s cool to listen, but at times, we have to limit the amount of what we hear and bare to take care of our precious self.

This was inspired after listening to a friend say, “I can’t take one more thing, not one!” As I listened, I was reminded of the saying, “The straw that broke the camels back.”

The Camel ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 7/9/2020

There once was a camel that cared
Wherever there was trouble he was there
He said, “Lay your worries upon my back
Tie them up safely into my sack.”

The camel went from town to town
He turned their frowns, upside down
People came from far and wide
To lay their troubles upon the camels hide.

As time when by, he began to slow
Still onward with his mission, he did go
Taking on what was never his to bare
Never complaining that it wasn’t fair.

One day he could walk no more
Once rich in health, now he was poor
No one came to lift off his sack
No one wanted his or her troubles back.

Where once they cheered him, they now walked by
Not anyone came to bid him good-bye
In the end, no one even remember his name
Remember the camel, and don’t do the same.

Today’s Musing: “On a plane, they always say, “Put on your oxygen mask before helping others, words of wisdom” ~ Katrina Curtiss #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    Yes, very true.

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