My Vote Is For The Purple Party ~ by Katrina Curtiss 9/7/2020


I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming election.
I wrote this thinking a Democrat or Republican could have written it.

I just want the best man to win ~ the one who will lead us from division to unity, the one with empathy for the wounds that
have plagued my country since before I arrived, and fear will remain long after I’ve gone.

If we could take the best of what the Red side has to offer and combine it with the best of what the Blue side has to offer ~ we would have a Purple Party.

My Vote Is For The Purple Party ~ by me 9/7/2020

I don’t believe him, no not me
That he is the best to lead our country
Delusion, deception upon every occasion
I simply don’t trust him to run my nation.

His comments make me scratch my head and wonder
Is he even aware of his latest blunder?
Is he so out of touch with reality
Does he even care about you and me?

Always pointing the finger, never taking the blame
Never focusing on the solutions, oh what a shame.
“It’s his fault, not mine!” is the battle cry
Like children fighting in a sandbox, my oh my.

Then we start fighting with our fellow woman and man
“I’ll have the last word, oh watch me, I can!”
Have we forgotten that we’re all the Human Race?
That we must all learn to share this small space.

Let us find peace and do the best that we can
And somehow unite behind the right man
For if he loses, we all go down to
Whether we’re lead by the Red or lead by the Blue.

Today’s Musing: “My mother’s favorite color was purple, we even had a purple garage, maybe she was onto something.” ~ Katrina Curtiss, daughter of Jeanne Marie. #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    I’m going to vote for purple also!

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