You are currently viewing The Sinking Ship ~ 7 Days And Counting~ Katrina Curtiss 10/27/2020
The Sinking Ship ~ 7 Days And Counting 10/27/2020

The Sinking Ship ~ 7 Days And Counting~ Katrina Curtiss 10/27/2020

It’s the last week of October 2020 and the world continues to rotate.

We’re dealing with a Global Pandemic, Wildfires, and Politics. There are so many silent struggles on personal levels that many are holding on by a thread ~ financially, emotionally and spiritually.

The past 4 years has seen what was once held as the highest seat in our land, to be now viewed as a toddler’s toilet training chair

As a country, we’ve become so disillusioned by Politicians that we lowered our guard and let a tantrum throwing toddler take the throne.

A mistake, which some simply refuse to acknowledge, putting their hands over their ears to shut out his ranting, hands over their eyes to shut out his actions, hands over the mouths choosing not to speak out about his lies and corruption.

It’s no longer acceptable, no longer deniable, no longer a question of being red or blue; it’s about being a true American.

He has no plan to help us deal with the Pandemic which is sweeping the country, no plan for Climate Change, no plan for Healthcare, no plan for the Jobless, the Homeless, the Hopeless and the Broken Hearted.

We’ve hit the iceberg, the sirens are sounding, are you listening?
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