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Katrina And Tracy Sue at The Zoo 1979

Tracy Sue ~ by Katrina Curtiss 10/29/2020

Not all of us have children, some of had the calling, but never answered the door. A career in music and performing called my name so loudly so constantly that I knew having children would fill me with resentment, of a life filled with, “What ifs?”
I have been blessed with nieces, the following is about my oldest niece, who lives in Little Rock, while I currently reside in San Antonio. We chat and text and during this time of COVID, she has become my best friend. So, Tracy Sue, this is for you. Much love always, your favorite Aunt.

Tracy Sue ~ by me 10/29/2020

It started the day she was born, that feeling of heart’s love.
She was tiny, but powerful, willful and strong.
She loved dolls, she got Fire trucks.
She loved roses, she got Racecars.

She started working while others lounged
She loves to cook, she loves to laugh, she loves love.
Off to college, on her own, nothing new
Studied hard, while others hardly studied

I called her on 9/11; she was in Chicago, too far away.
She was commuting, didn’t know, she was safe.
She called me on 3/15; telling me to prepare.
For COVID 19 had landed, we were both safe.

She loves dogs more than kids.
Loves camping, travel and her man.
She is like and unlike me in so many ways.
Her talents, I’d like to own.

We chat over the miles, connecting, consoling.
She is like my own, if I had one.
She is the best of us, the women before her.
I feel safe as she now leads the way.

Today’s Musings: “When it gets cold like this, I remember when I was little and your took me to the circus” ~ Quote by Tracy Sue, niece of me. #girlwithguitar

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  1. Connie L Calvo

    She sounds great, a lot like you!

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