I Remember ~ by Katrina Curtiss 8/28/2020 4:20am

This morning, Basura Cat woke me up at 4am. She wanted more than food, she wanted held, sometimes she just needs me. I adore these moments, I hold her close to my chest and sing to her, dance her around the darken living room, just us two. Being the cat that she is, soon she demands her independence and leaves me to ponder in the dark. With coffee in hand, in silence, under the moon, I allow my Self the precious moments as the world sleeps to have unrestricted thoughts. These are mine upon this morning, the last Friday of August 2020.


I Remember ~ by me

I remember at 5 years old, standing on a chair and writing on the bedroom wall with my mother’s red lipstick, when my parents found it, I claimed innocence, as it was too high for me to reach. (Pity my sisters.)

I remember being tossed through the kitchen window every time my mom locked her keys in the house. (Pity the cat that I often landed upon.)

I remember chasing my brother after heated arguments, never to catch him. (Pity the neighbor who watched to make sure that I never did.)

I remember my mom reaching into the “Bill Drawer” ~ pulling out one and saying, “This is the one we pay this month.” (Pity the underpaid secretary.)

I remember when they pumped our gas, checked our oil and cleaned our windshield at the gas pumps, I envied them. (Pity wishes being granted.)

I remember fearlessly going out for a late night jog. (Pity the increase of crime.)

I remember getting my start as a musician, playing in local coffeehouses. (Pity the Corporate takeover.)

I remember hugging. (Pity Social Distancing.)

I remember a time of spanking, a time before “time-outs” (Pity the paddle generation.)

I remember 10-minute limit phone conversations, on phones with cords. (Pity the disappearance of being able to disappear.)

I remember the taste of Tang; it made me feel like an astronaut. (Pity the loss of childhood dreams.)

I remember shoveling snow and raking leaves for extra cash. (Pity the underprivileged.)

I remember being tossed in a Juvenile Detention Center. (Pity the parent and thank God for second chances.)

I remember never being as pretty as the other girls. (Pity those with low self-esteem.)

I remember my Snoopy pillow that said, “I’m allergic to mornings.” (Pity for predictions of the future me.)

I remember living up north and the 4 seasons. (Pity the heat waves of Texas.)

I remember having a full-time job. (Pity ageism and downsizing.)

I remember traveling outside the country every year to gain a greater perspective of life. (Pity COVID-19 travel restrictions.)

I remember when I could spell. (Pity AutoCorrect dependency.)

I remember a time before Facebook and Social Media, where all of these thoughts would have stay inside my head. (Pity the reader.)

Thanks for reading,
Take gentle care of you,
Much Love Always, #girlwithguitar

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