November 5th 2020 ~ As The World Waits ~ Katrina Curtiss

The American Presidential Race continues as precious Presidential votes are being counted.
Hopefully we will announce a new President before the day is done.

I take the liberty in my land of liberty to share my take on social media posts. Please note nothing written below is more than my perception.

R: So much fraud, Biden’s votes keep going up!
D: That’s because they’re counting the votes

R: Wow, these votes are all for Biden
D: That’s because Trump told people not to trust mail in ballots

R: They should stop counting the votes
D: No, that’s how democracy works

R: Biden will take our guns!
D: No, it takes a 2/3 vote by congress to change our constitution

R: Let’s do a recount!
D: Hold on, we haven’t even finished counting yet

R: If Biden wins, I’m leaving the country!
D: If Trump wins, I’m leaving the country!

R: It’s so close, it must be fraud!
D: It’s so close, it makes me sad!

R: Trump is God’s chosen one!

R: The Democrats rigged the election!
D: Don’t ya think if we had, we would have rigged the Senate too?

Stay safe, stay healthy. COVID 19 will be around long after the election.

Much love always, #girlwithguitar #Basuracat

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