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Basura and Me 3:35am 7/1/2020

Me and My Cat at 3:35am ~ by Katrina Curtiss 7/1/2020

Sleep is as illusive as the breath of an angel upon this night
The leaves are chatting amongst themselves as the moon smiles
Restless with the world, roaming from room to room
Too early for coffee, or is it too late for tea?

Thinking about a friend whose daughter just joined the military and the call she just received, her daughter is COVID-19 positive.

Thinking of my 86 year old friend, who I speak to everyday, his telling me that things are getting worse, he needs milk, I offer to get it for him, he declines and makes the trip to the store. He sounds so tired, it worries me.

Thinking about my friend, who has to work, wishing she didn’t, not because she’s lazy, but because she’s afraid of getting or giving the virus to someone.

Thinking how grateful I am for those who continue to try to bring humor into a darken time of our lives.

Thinking of the huge sacrifices made over the years by my country, thinking this business of not wanting to wear a mask is embarrassing to all of us.

Thinking of staying healthy.

Thinking of not losing what I have, thinking of those who already have.

Thinking it’s so easy to blame, when no one really had a clue what to do, since we’ve not been here before, thinking of forgiveness, thinking of prayer.

Thinking it’s a good idea to keep my head down, thinking it’s not a time to engage, thinking people who are angry are really those most afraid.

Thinking that if I was watching what’s happening in a movie, I’d think, “Oh my god, this is a crazy show ~ who thought this up?”

Thinking we’re all the same, thinking someone will disagree with me.

Thinking I wish my mom was alive, I’d call her, even though it’s the middle of the night. Thinking, I’ll always miss her, thinking moms are the strings to our balloons in life.

Thinking that I’ll take refuge in my most familiar place, with my guitar, my cat, with miles to go before I sleep.

Found this to practice to ~ if you wanna join in try this:

1 – play the chords in open position
2 – play the chords in a different position
3 – do some jamming ~ we’re in the key of A
*Pentatonic pattern 1 – starts on 2nd fret
4 – switch back and forth between chords and scales
5 – play the chords using triads
6 – make music be happy

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  1. Karl

    I take comfort in the fact that my guitar is collecting dust and not vexing me. Hmm. That sounds like a song. “While My Guitar Gently Collects Dust.

    1. Katrina

      I think the words you’re looking for are “As My Guitar Gently Weeps” ~ you knucklehead, pick it up and play it!

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