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A Long Winter’s Night ~ Katrina Curtiss 1/3/2020

Sleep came and went and then came again,
A long night of thoughts, never to end.
Elusive as riches to those who seek more,
An unanswerable knock upon life’s front door.

The TV whispered, “watch me” there’s so much to know,
Falling into the trance of the inviting warm glow.
The stories unfolded, of lives grander than mine,
Fantasy, romance, purveyors of crime.

A click, then a shift in mood and minds game,
Never realizing that each is one in the same.
A peak, then a valley, a long way to go,
A wrestling match, against a champion foe.

To rest, to sleep, to rejuvenate one’s mind,
Illusive repose, so hard to find.
A new day begins, uncounted by sheep,
With miles to go before I can sleep.


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  1. Connie

    I can relate to the long thoughts about the good and bad things going on in your head while you try to fall asleep but can’t. Then when you finally do sleep, it’s time to wake up again. Thinking of you my friend!

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