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Basura's Trip To The Vet 6/30/2020

My Cat Goes To The Vet ~ a short poem by Katrina Curtiss 6/30/3030

Basura cat wasn’t feeling good
So I took her to the vet, like a good mom should
She didn’t want to go, and we had quite a chase
But I finally caught her and put her in her travelling case.

I said to her, “Now don’t you pee in my car, it will make it smell bad”
She looked at me with a gleam in her eye, oh she was so very mad
We finally made it to the vet, and there a sign did ask
Only two patients allowed at a time, Human’s please wear a mask.

Into a room, we sat all alone, just Basura and me
She said, I deserve a prize, in your car I didn’t pee.

We laughed as we waited for the doctor to come in
In his orange mask with his white beard peeking out under his chin.

He said to Basura, “You’re a beautiful cat, let me have a look at you
Basura smiled and did everything he asked her to do
The only thing the doctor could find was a small infection in her eye
So eye drops every 6 hours, what an adventure for her and I.

It’s funny how much I haven’t been out since the middle of March
But when it comes to my cat, to the end I’ll defend what matters to my heart.

Today’s Musing: “I think the doctor kinda fell in love with me” ~ Quote by Basura, owner of me #girlwithguitar

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  1. Karl Hagenbuch

    Did she sing to you on the way to the vet? My cats like to sing all the there and all the way back home.

    1. Katrina

      She did sing, she saved the high notes for the examination.

  2. Connie L. Calvo

    I’m so glad she didn’t pee in your car and that she is going to be okay! Good luck though applying the eye medicine!!

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