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San Antonio Moon January 30 2021 ~ She's our "Oneness"

And Then I Cried ~ Katrina Curtiss 1/30/2021

It was just another day, lessons taught,
Worked in my pajamas, No battles were fought.
Washed two cars, one dirty from dust,
Waxed them both to protect from rust.

Spoke with a friend far away,
Who fights a warrior’s battle everyday.
We talked for and hour with lots to say,
For release, I daily pray.

Pet Basura cat, Sofia is fed,
Did all the laundry and made the bed.
Played my guitar as I always do,
Trying to learn something new.

I watched the news about Covid-19,
And all the hopes about having 3 vaccines.
Saw the storm heading towards the east,
Expecting snow, 5 inches at least.

It was when they showed people standing in line,
In Seattle overnight, hoping the vaccine they would find.
That I started crying, felt so sad,
Feeling the world has indeed gone quite mad.

My heart suddenly broke, for this land of mine,
For food and the vaccine, people are trying to find.
I was surprised as the tears did flow,
That I hurt so deeply for those I don’t know.

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