The Sun Still Rose This Morning ~ Katrina Curtiss 1/7/2021

The sun still rose this morning, the birds are still singing, the world continues to rotate, we must move on, forward and allow truth to unfold.
I’m an old news reporter, it’s hard not to read and research and consume, hard not to share information, that being said, caution must be taken before misinformation and theories are spread. We have too many sources with too many lies at our fingertips, able to find something, somewhere that supports our beliefs. Please be kind, gentle and respectful of each other, including your own self.

The Sun Still Rose This Morning ~ Katrina Curtiss 1/7/2021

I’m thinking of you, as yesterday was filled with awe and dismay
I’m thinking of you, wondering what, if any wise words I can say
As actions open our eyes, we suddenly realize
That our land lies troubled, with corruption and lies.

I’m thinking of you, those who have lost hope
Those who feel at the end of their rope
That things feel so broken they will never be fixed
That we will never be wise to their lies and slick tricks

We may never know, what really went on
Hold those accountable for things gone terribly wrong
Be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole
The bottomless pit, will suck life from your soul

Instead let us think of good things we can do
To unite what is divided in the Red, White and Blue
To forgive, not forget, to love, not to hate
Let’s bury the hatchet before it’s too late.


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