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Katrina Bday Suprise gift Dakota and Mom Cindy 3 12 2021

An Act Of Thoughtfulness ~ Katrina Curtiss 3/13/2021

I’m busy doing what I’m always doing, looking at music, trying to learn, trying to write, trying to stay one step ahead.

A text from a guitar student’s mom, asking if I am home. I always hesitate since the Pandemic started, not much for socializing, my choice. She states that her daughter, my student, Dakota has something for me.

It makes me wonder, so I reply that yes, I am home, they can stop over.

I don’t get to spend one on one time with Dakota; we’re using Zoom for her lessons.

Our biggest struggle is keeping her camera at an angle so that I can see her hands; I have become very familiar with her ceiling fan.

My doorbell rings, its Dakota and her Mom, Cindy. They have a present for me.

I immediately go into my uncomfortable state, never have been good at receiving.

They know that it’s my Birthday this week and they wanted to give me a gift.

A pretty bag with presents inside, I put it aside and make small talk.

I ask if I’m supposed to open it now, they both nod yes, so I do.

Inside, I find a tiny guitar case with a tiny guitar and a small wooden box with the words: “Music is what feelings sound like.”

I’m touched at their kindness, their thoughtfulness, the time they took to make me feel special upon this day.

I will always be in awe of the many gifts that music presents, the friendships and families that I’m allow entrance, all because of something made of wood and strings.

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