Aunt Katrina ~ by Katrina Curtiss 3/11/2021

I think it’s the most wondrous thing,
When I hear my telephone start to ring.
“Aunt Katrina” is how they start,
It’s like an arrow straight into my heart.

To know that when they have a choice,
They chose to hear the sound of my voice.

I quote their Grandmother back to them,
The stories they hear over and over again.
How they stand upon women so strong,
Whether their choices are right or wrong

I say what I think they might want to do,
But tell them, “It’s really all up to you.”

I wish they were my very own,
Beside me, here, safe in my home
To let them know, they are never alone,
But alas, I’m only on the telephone.

Not a mother, an Aunt, I will always be,
In all of life’s simplicity

Salute to you my nieces three,
You are the very best of me.
Thank you for being my inspiration,
Giving me hope for the next generation!

***One of the greatest gifts in my life are these young women.***
Tracy Sue, Jeanne Elizabeth, Julia Daniela

Their success, I claim as my own, their heartbeats are the music of my life.

Much Love Always, your favorite aunt #girlwithguitar


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