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A Bullet And Gun 4 16 2021

A Bullet, A Gun And A Conversation ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/15/2021

Bullet: “Ah, what purpose am I?”
Gun: “You are my messenger.”

Bullet: “Messenger of pain, death, destruction?”
Gun: “It’s out of our hands and in the hands of humans.”

Bullet: “But what can a human want of me, but to kill?”
Gun: “That all lies in the intention of humans.”

Bullet: “Is there anyway for me to change my course? I wish not for this.”
Gun: “Nor I, fate has nothing good in store for either of us.”

Bullet: “I don’t trust humans.”
Gun: “Neither do I, but they created us and here we both are.”

Bullet: “My grandfather and uncles were in the war, I lost them both.”
Gun: “I live my life under a car seat, hidden from the world, all in anticipation.”

Bullet: “I hear that some of us are used for target practice, for hunting food, Oh how I hope that’s my destiny. I never want to become what humans call, “evidence.”
Gun: “I hear of things called gun locks, I wish I had one. My cousin went off, it was an accident, one boy died, he was never the same.”

Bullet: “I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings, but I hope to never work with you.”
Gun: “Same here brother, same here.”


It’s not the weapon that is feared, it’s the human holding it.

Background checks, education, free mental healthcare.

If you want to use an assault weapon, join the military.

As I was writing this yesterday, unbeknownst to me there was an active shooter here in San Antonio. As I considered posting this, there has been another mass shooting in Indianapolis: 8 souls lost. As I am at a loss with the gun violence in America, I am rereading the story about 13 year old Adam Toledo, shot and killed by a police officer in Chicago. Gun violence is the leading cause of premature death in the U.S.A.

Gun violence is the main reason that I consider leaving the country.

Yesterday it was a local overpass, then the airport, last week at a nearby carwash. Where, when and who will it be tomorrow?

As we hopefully are walking out of COVID, we are walking into potential shooting galleries.

Prayers and thoughts are meaningless, action is essential.

Today, may we all walk in a direction of peace.



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