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Earth Day Buddha 4/19/21

Dear Earth ~ Katrina Curtiss 4/19/21

I’m sorry that I haven’t written before, I didn’t know where to send my letter.
But then I realized that you are all around, so my excuse grew frail.

I’m sorry for the things we’ve done, what we haven’t and what we should.

I cheat truth when I say that I’ve done my part.

Yes, I cut plastic pop holders, recycle and pick up litter on the street.
Try to make a small carbon imprint upon your soul, but in truth, I’ve never stretched beyond my boundaries to help you.

I know that you’ve been abused, misused and lied to.
I know that profit has trumped your triumphs.
I know that greed was granted where grace was desired.

A Poem:

Taken a plane when adventure knocked upon my door,
I’ve never thought of swimming from shore to shore.
Drinking from plastic and tossing in the bin,
Mindlessly doing this over and over again.

The garbage piles high, planes dirty the sky,
Pesticides kill bees, no one cries as they die.
The climate screams in desperate pain,
As we walk unaware in the toxic rain.

This Thursday is the 51stanniversary of Earth Day ~ I am always in wonderment that we set aside a day to remember to think of the things most precious in life.

I’m planting 2 trees in honor of Earth Day ~ please share if you’re doing something.

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